Campaign Now offers a wide array of Voter Contact Technology to help you reach out to your current and prospective voters.



Automated Voice Broadcastingdialer.jpg

Are you in need of an automated calling service to reach out to a large amount of voters and constituents in a relatively short period of time and for minimal cost? Our automated voice broadcasting services deliver your pre-recorded message on time and on budget. Campaign Now also has the ability to personalize your pre-recorded message by using our innovative voice variable technology. 

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Need some tips for recording your message? Read our voice recording tips page.

Don’t have a list of individuals to deliver the message to? Campaign Now specializes in offering a wide variety of geo-targeted voter and consumer data you can rent or purchase from us at minimum impact on your wallet.



Action Management Softwareapple-iphone-smartphone-desk-large.jpg

Campaign Commander is a cloud based voter and consumer data management tool that helps your campaign access analyze, and act upon real time data. It acts as a tool to put live campaign data in your control from your phone bank, automated calls, homebase volunteers, and door-to-door ground team like never before.

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Victory VoIP


Vctory VoIP calls let your volunteers and field agents connect directly with constituents, voters, donors, and other volunteers. These state-of-the-art, self-contained phone servers are portable, economical, and most importantly, user friendly. A volunteer can be on the phone making a difference within minutes of entering your field office. Each server contains a mobile service unit, phones, and minutes usage.


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Canvassing Technology and WalkbooksCyrus Canvasing App

Walk Books allow your campaign to plan and execute a successful ground game and Campaign Now provides the most sophisticated and powerful canvassing software on the market. 


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Text MessagingText_Messaging.jpg

Campaign Now has partnered with IRIO Mobile to offer opportunities for you to reach your target audience via text message. With a 98% read rate, text messages have become one of the most effective marketing tools.This text messaging system allows you to reach all of your customers simultaneously, and instantly send important information in real time.

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