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Sometimes, your organization may have the opportunity to attend a small or even large scale event or participate in a conference where there are hundreds or tens of thousands of potential customers, supporters and members for your organization.  So how do you capitalize on such a great opportunity?
You need boots on the ground to work the crowd, collaborate and interact and capture those supporters.  Maybe you don't have enough staff, volunteers or you don't have the time to train a team to be on the ground.
That's where we come in.  Campaign Now has been actively representing non profits, businesses and political organizations at events and in communities for nearly nine years.  We have a team of over 150 part time, full believers who love talking on the phone, knocking on doors and shaking hands and signing up supporters at events where your organization should be.

A team of true believers

Our team of outreach specialists, canvassers and ambassadors have the experience and training to be a face for your organization and meet the criteria, communication style, demeanor and professional touch of your desire to fit your mission, cause or purpose.  Not to mention, our team believes in your mission as much as you do.  

How we operate

We are flexible and nimble but we operate in the fashion where we identify someone from our team who can be the project leader and plan the project.  Our project leader will work with your team to identify the objectives, mission and metrics to success and help target staffing needs, staffing criteria and aesthetics right down to the color of our team's clothing, script/conversation flow including demeanor, collateral planning and staffing transportation logistics and scheduling.
We leave no stone unturned when it comes to planning our projects.  You can count on us to deliver your organization's goals with precision.

Events and projects that we perform the best with

Our ambassadors work best when they can interact with your supporters and produce results. We've conducted Get Out the Vote and survey canvassing projects all across the nation, and we know what team members and which tactics work best in all environments.
When it comes to event staffing, we can do it all. From set up and tear down, to registration, to organizing keynotes and writing scripts, our team has extensive experience ensuring that events are a success and truly reflect the values of the business, non-profit, or political organization hsoting the event.

Organizations that use our services

Our outreach services have been used by political, non profit, and business organizations throughout the country. Our teams have conducted outreach canvassing efforts for projects ranging from local election with only a handful of constituents, to nation-wide awareness efforts with millions of supporters being contacted. We can scale to fit any job.

Our  event teams have hosted non profit and business events, as well as televised and recorded rallies and supporter events. Our teams have aided in planning, set up, and staffing for political townhalls, exclusive fundraising events, and large gatherings at sporting events. Our team can tackle any outreach task.

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