As polling professionals, Campaign Now does everything in our power to ensure clients receive the most accurate results possible. We understand that our clients are relying on our accuracy to provide them with data they can confidently act upon.

Our Polling and Analysis Process

Campaign Now follows a rigourous six-step process to ensure the quality of our research.

  • We start with the identification of the goal or research objective - the desired end of the client
  • Custom survey questionnaires are developed with client input
  • Our passionate, well-trained interviewing team is employed to collect the data
  • We tabulate the results, properly weighting the variables
  • Full analysis of the data through the expert use of robust statistical techniques
  • An in-depth report is prepared and explained to the client in a detailed presentation

Types of Surveys We Do

Campaign Now is able to conduct of variety of surveys and polls to serve your needs, including:

  • Door-to-Door Surveys
  • Live Telephone Surveys
  • Automated Telephone Surveys
  • Online Surveys
  • Online Panels

Polling and AnalysisWho should use Polling?

Our expert polling and analysis process can be used for political candidate and issue field operations, membership organizations and state and county level political organizations.

  • Multi-state political operation
  • State political operation
  • Congressional, State Senate and State Representative candidates
  • County and State political organizations
  • Issue and Association membership groups