What: Issue advocacy campaigns can get your message directly to the front door and into the hands of voters in your district. Issue advocacy campaigns focus on building a strong base of everyday Americans and voting citizens whose network can stretch nationwide. Issue advocacy campaigns can include direct mail, digital advertising, issue advocacy phone calls, canvassing, and advocacy events.

Why: Issue advocacy campaigns allow you to build a grassroots community that supports you and your issues. You can use this cost-effective network to continue to grow your supporters through viral advertising, word of mouth, and community involvement.

Who should utilize issue advocacy campaigns?

  • Political Candidates at all levels of government
  • Issue Advocacy efforts
  • Nonprofit Organizations

Contact Us: If you’re interested in issue advocacy campaigns for your political campaign or issue effort, please contact a Campaign Now grassroots specialist today by calling (855) 329-4327 or email info@campaignnowonline.com.