Grassroots Services
Campaign Now has a wide suite of grassroots tools that can help your campaign or nonprofit organizaton spread its message to a wider audience, raise money, and boost engagement from constituents, voters, members and stakeholders. Our grassroots tools include: 
  • Action Management Software
  • Mobile Canvassing Apps and Walkbooks
  • Predictive Dialer Systems

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Canvassing and Field WorkCanvassing.jpg

Our team of outreach specialists, canvassers and ambassadors have the experience and training to be a face for your organization and meet the criteria, communication style, demeanor and professional touch to fit your organization's mission. Not to mention, our team believes in your mission as much as you do.  


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With a 98% read rate, text messages have become one of the most effective marketing tools out there. Our text messaging system allows you to instantly reach your existing supporters' smartphones while growing your audience with personalized opt-in campaigns. 
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Automated Voice Broadcastingdialer.jpg

Are you in need of an automated calling service to reach out to a large amount of voters and constituents in a relatively short period of time and for minimal cost? Our automated voice broadcasting services deliver your pre-recorded message on time and on budget. Campaign Now also has the ability to personalize your pre-recorded message by using our innovative voice variable technology. 

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Don’t have a list of individuals to deliver the message to? Campaign Now specializes in offering a wide variety of geo-targeted voter and consumer data you can rent or purchase from us at minimum impact on your wallet.


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