Campaign Now offers high-quality fundraising and donor, member, and supporter cultivation services. We utilize our experience providing donor, volunteer, and membership outreach services with a strong team of conservative, free-market believers and cutting-edge technology to provide solutions that help organizations build and maintain stronger relationships with their key financial supporters and stakeholders.

Our approach is the difference. Our comprehensize solutions are so much more than just a one-size-fits-all approach that a generic call center provides. We take the time to understand our client's goals, values and message and incorporate those deploy that intelligence into outreach that develops a deeper understanding and relationship with stakeholders.

Who Can Benefit From Our Fundraising and Cultivation Services?

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Associations and membership organizations
  • Political organizations
  • Political candidates at all levels of government
  • PACs and other fundraising organizations

Our Unique Approach

Our approach to fundraising and cultivation is comprehensive and puts your supporters at the forefront. We understand that the goals of fundraising and cultivation are more than just a money-grab. We gather and enhance data from each individual we contact and we tailor each call to each individual supporter's history with your organization. We understand that your reputation and the furture or your organization are at stake with each contact so we ensure each contact enhances both your intelligence about supporters and your reputation with your supporters.

Developing an Outreach and Fundraising Plan

Sample_Fundraising_PlanA successful fundraising or outreach campaign must be based on a realistic, comprehensive, and complete fundraising or outreach plan. The plan should include a testing period that allows for message testing, data testing and continuous updates and changes as results are compiled.  Our experience in fundraising and outreach allows our team to build comprehensive plans and allow our clients to count on the expectations set forth.

Outreach Over the Phone

Our telefundraising and phone outreach campaigns are perfect for small- to medium-sized campaigns and organizations. Our talented team of outreach specialists are able to make phone contact on your schedule and on budget. They excel at breaking down the barriers to giving, and provide a personalized touch to your phone outreach and fundraising campaign.

Direct Mail Fundraising and Cultivation

FAQ_thumbnail3Fundraising mail is the perfect way to reconnect with your current donors and to interest prospective ones. Our fundraising letters include professional design and copywriting, as well as a remittance and return envelope to facilitate donations. Direct mail allows you to keep your supporters up-to-date on your campaign or organizations latest successes and future plans., all while driving your fundraising goals and generating revenue.

Online and Digital Cultivation

In today's world of constant connectivity and always-online devices, digital cultivation is more important than ever. Having an updated, relavavent presence on all major social media outlets is vital to connecting with your supporters. Monthly update email blasts are also a great way to pass on information, keep your supporters updated, and even raise funds.

Events and Other Forms of Supporter Cultivation

Even in today's fast moving and evolving climate, nothing beats meeting a candidate or organization's leadership face to face. Whether your holding a public fundraiser or knocking doors while canvawssing, be sure to be constantly updating and gathering data on your supporters. Requesting an email address upon event registration, or conducting a quick survey at a supporters door step are small activities that go a long way in improving the quality and value of your data.

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