Direct Response-focused Printing and Mailing


Direct response marketing is the core of everything Campaign Now does. Our approach engages your targets and drives them to take action to support you and your cause. All of our marketing campaigns are targetedtracked, and measured in order to bring you actionable results and the best return on your investment.

Our direct mail and print services are no different.


Print and Mail Types We Offer

Campaign Now has years of experience creating and delivery eye-catching and targeted direct mail to your supporter's and prospect's doorsteps. We have the unique ability to use either our internal print and mail house, or one of our specialized partners, to create the following print pieces to your exacting specifications:

  • Fundraising and Membership Direct Response Mail
  • Invitation letters and postcards
  • Thank you letters
  • Advertising Postcard Mailings
  • Collateral and Door Hangers

Variable Data Printing and Customization

Variable data and customization allows you to personalize your print and mail pieces for each recipient. When you give your pieces a personalized touch, you can customize each piece for each individual and include personalized information and text.

We can customize your print pieces with anything included in your data set. Popular fields include the individuals name and title, historic contribution amounts or pledge dates, and addresses, but any data filed is possible.

Data and Mailing Services

A well-designed mail piece can't be effective without accurate, up-to-date, clean data. Campaign Now uses Satori Bulk mail to ensure date accuracy.

Before mailing, all data is cleaned using the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) and run through the National Change of Address (NCOA) registry. This ensures all addresses arew normalized and accurate. We also prepare the data for mail merge and ensure the accuracy of capitalization, punctuation, and spelling in the data set.


Postage Preferences and Lead Times

Postage, lead times, and the USPS can all be daunting obstacles for the uninitiated. Fortunately, Campaign Now's expertise in mailing rules and best practices allow us to complete even the most specialized jobs on time and on budget.

See our in-depth blog post on everything you need to know about mail and postage rates and time lines.

Lead Times for Printing and Mailing

Print and mail campaigns are often complex, with many moving pieces and systems that need to be coordinated to run in sync and on time. For print and mail jobs under 1,000 pieces, Campaign Now can ensure drop off at the Bulk Mail Entry unit within 24-hours. Jobs up to 10,000 pieces can be completed in 72-hours.

We can rely on our network of print and mail houses to complete any job over 10,000 pieces in a timely manner, often within 72-hours as well.

Print and Mail Pricing

Interested in Campaign Now completing your next print or mail job?

Download our price sheet here for an estimated cost.

Please note, all postage fees must be pre-paid prior to mail delivery to USPS. Prices are estimates only and are subject to change.