Campaign Now's Partnership with El Toro 

What is IP Targeting?

IP targeting is an industry leading technology that targets IP addresses as the entry point to deliver banner and video ads, all without the use of cookies. 

About our Partnership: Product Arsenal

  • IP Targeting: El Toro converts physical addresses to IP addresses so advertisers can serve targeted digital digital display with surgical precision to their target audiences. 
  • Match Back Analysis: With El Toro, we are able to provide a tangible and accurate ROI by cross-referencing the target list with sales records.
  • Captive Audience: Using IP targeting, you can serve targeted digital ads to entire college campuses, trade shows, conventions, and any other locations where the masses gather via the location's IP addresses.
With IP targeting, more of your ads will hit their intended target. 

Top Industries using IP Targeting

  • Political
  • Banking & Finance
  • Media & Broadcasting
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Government

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