05 Oct 2014
October 05, 2014

7 Tips for Your Candidate's Next Tele-Townhall (And Why They Should Host One)

By Grace Frank

Former U.S. Rep. Walt Minnick during a tele-townhall

Imagine you had a reasonably inexpensive and effective way to reach thousands — if not tens or hundreds of thousands — of voters interested in hearing your message and sharing their thoughts. Would you jump up and yell, "Sign me up!"

Of course you would. Efficiently engaging with and helping the public are the very reasons you're in politics, or are campaigning for office.

We're not talking about Twitter, Facebook, or email blasts here, important as they are in getting messages out.

A Real Conversation, with Real Results

We are talking about a real-time, live conversation with your supporters and potential supporters — the interested public who want to interact with you without being limited to 140 characters or a response box. The people willing to ask questions, take part in polls, sign up for emails, and possibly volunteer or otherwise offer to assist your campaign.

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14 Aug 2014
August 14, 2014

Q&A on Planning Your Voter ID and GOTV Phone Campaigns

By Grace Frank

Reaching voters by telephone is one of the least expensive forms of direct political marketing and intelligence gathering available, and has the best response rate. Whether via landline or cellphone, Voter ID and GOTV efforts enable campaigns of all sizes to effectively get their message across to the people they want most to reach.

An interview with John Connors, the Founder and President of Campaign Now, and Simon Lewis, its Director of Operations, who have conducted millions of phone calls over the last couple of election cycles.

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