29 Jun 2015
June 29, 2015

How to Write Fundraising Posts That Work

By John Connors

What if I told you that we discovered the no-fail formula for writing fundraising emails and social media posts that actually work? You wouldn’t believe me, and that’s a very wise choice. Unfortunately, the world of social media and digital fundraising is like a complex puzzle that requires tons of research, work, and constant adjustments. 

There are a number of factors that come into play, including the tone of each message, transparency, charisma, great graphics, and an even better campaign mission. This week we’re going to talk about the reasons why donors often hesitate to give, and how you can publish posts and emails that diminish this dissonance.

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15 Jun 2015
June 15, 2015

Why You Should Build Relationships, Not Lists

By John Connors

When you’re managing a political campaign or running for office yourself, learning how to interact with your unique group of supporters and subscribers can be a perplexing task. No two lists are alike, and learning the dynamic of yours is absolutely essential to successful communication and, most importantly, the relationship you build with each individual.

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20 Jan 2015
January 20, 2015

Seven Vine Strategies for Campaigns

By Ericka Andersen

Chances are you’ve heard about Vine. It is the up and coming video platform with a unique niche: users access short bursts of video. Perfect for getting quick blurbs to the public. Vine is often showcased via Twitter, which bought the company two years ago.

A few folks have used Vine specifically to create and promote their personality brands. Sixteen-year-old Nash Grier cultivated a following on Vine on his own and now boasts over nine million followers. Celebrities don’t dominate Vine like they do Twitter. This platform is about personality, creativity, and a willingness to experiment—maybe even make some news.

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19 Oct 2014
October 19, 2014

11 Steps to Create a Successful Twitter Chat

By Ericka Andersen

Twitter chats are a great way to stir up buzz for a person, campaign, product or whatever if it is you’d like people to talk about. Because Twitter is in real time, it’s not hard to get folks to participate as you conduct the chat.

But the key to a great Twitter chat is preparation — so before you begin, check out these 11 steps to a successful chat.

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