19 Apr 2016
April 19, 2016

Five Tips for a Kick Ass Political Fundraising Direct Mail Campaign

By Evan Harris

Politico says that political campaigns spent nearly $150 million on this type of marketing in the 2014 election cycle. If you guessed social media, you’re wrong. Direct mass mail is still a robust piece of political campaigns. While email marketing campaigns fight spam filters and open rates, a physical mailer is all but guaranteed to end up in a person’s mailbox. And most people only have one mailbox, not a multitude of mobile screens competing for their attention.

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17 Sep 2015
September 17, 2015

Is Personalizing Direct Mail Really Worth It?

By Howard Paley

End of year is the best time to wage donor renewal and retention campaigns and is the absolute best time for donor acquisition appeals.

Every year, it is the same drill. You wrack your brains (or hire someone else to wrack theirs) to produce the "mother" of all appeals, one that will generate unparalleled income for your agency and make your Board beam with approval.

It happens. I'm not kidding. It could happen to you!

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04 Aug 2015
August 04, 2015

Tips for Using Direct Mail in Your Political Campaign

By John Connors

As you know, direct mail marketing is only one of many impression mediums that are essential to running a successful political campaign. There are many other tools used to get your message directly to voters including digital channels like email, display ads, telephone calls and text messages, and even television and online videos. 

While all of these methods should be leveraged, we’re happy to inform you that even in the digital era direct mail is alive and well! In fact, it should account for around 30% of your impression mix. Here are some tips to help you set realistic expectations and get the most out of your efforts.

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09 Jul 2015
July 09, 2015

Understanding USPS Mail Postage Classes and Delivery

By Charles Austin


Today, direct mail, or “snail mail”, is often viewed as an “old” method of contacting stakeholders, donors and voters for political, nonprofit, or fundraising purposes.  If done well, direct mail is still one of the best methods to achieve a reliable response rate for direct marketing and fundraising as well as advertising impression to communicate a message.  Most marketers who shun direct mail simply do not understand the process or believe that the process takes too long, is too difficult, or too expensive of an option to pursue. Read on if you’d like to gain some insight on the direct mail process.

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