08 Mar 2016
March 08, 2016

Political Yard Signs: Helpful or an Eyesore?

By Evan Harris

Depending on who you talk to, yard signs are eyesores or an essential part of a political campaign. During an election year the empty lots, street corners, and willing private residents become “breeding grounds” for them.

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18 Feb 2016
February 18, 2016

An Election Year Guide for Political Campaign Managers, Candidates

By Evan Harris

You’ve spent last year finding a candidate, pulling papers, and doing all of the major preliminary work for 2016. A campaign year is an extremely busy year. Most campaigns, whether local or national, will be pulled in a thousand different directions. Make no mistake, operating a successful campaign is organized chaos. So how do you keep the campaign on the rails and stay organized until November?

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05 Jan 2016
January 05, 2016

How to Keep Campaign Volunteers Engaged During the Winter Months

By Jason Knack

Keeping volunteers engaged is always a challenge throughout the campaign season. One of the most challenging times to motivate and retain volunteers is during the winter season. Too often campaigns are battling against time commitments, slow schedules, and poor weather. Below you will find a few tips to help keep volunteers active during this typical sluggish season.

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15 Dec 2015
December 15, 2015

3 Critical Tips to Get on the Ballot

By Vince Trovato


Every state has different rules about how candidates might initially appear on the ballot on Election Day.  What is universal in all states’ across the country though is that candidates must gather and collect signatures from neighbors, supporters, and friends who reside in the district.  These signatures essentially serve as a petition from local citizens to the state or municipality asking that your name appear on the ballot.

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03 Dec 2015
December 03, 2015

Simple Strategies for Making the Most of Winter for a Candidate

By Jason Knack

Winter and end of the year holidays are an unforgiving time for candidates and campaigns. Time and money, the backbone of any strong campaign, obviously suffer due to cold weather and an abundance of holidays. Thinking of asking people to volunteer around Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve? Forget it. Fundraise around Black Friday or Christmas? Good luck.

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