Direct Phone Outreach

Whether you're looking to raise money for your organization, mobilize your supporters before election day or put pressure on a legislator, Campaign Now's live calling services offer the personal and professional touch you need to meet and exceed your goals!


Telefundraising Servicescall_center_woman.jpg

Campaign Now has partnerships with some of the nation’s top political fundraising operations and is able to provide high quality fundraising talent to better serve the needs of candidate committees, PACs, nonprofits, and professional membership organizations.

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Live Patch Thru Callsbigstock-Businessman-Dialling-Out-On-A--58088183.jpg

Campaign Now offers operator assisted, legislative patch-thru calls that connect constituents to to legislative offices of elected officials. Operator assisted patch calls also allow for quality data & demographic collection, message delivery, issue advocacyand education, or even a brief 1-2 question survey option before connecting the constituent to the legislative office.

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Live ID, Persuasion and Survey Callssurvey_call.jpg

Our highly trained, professional live agents are available to complete customized surveys for your campaign or organization. In addition to conducting a survey, we can also collect and update contact information and email addresses, or any other relevant information you wish to capture from your most valuable voters, members or stakeholders.

We can also craft a script that aims to persuage undecided or swing voters to support your candidate. 

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Live GOTV Calls



Campaign Now has a fully trained staff to handle your last-minute GOTV needs. Typical live survey or ID campaigns can generate a completion rate of  40-60% of a target universe.

Need that last big push before your election? Campaign Now has the ability to create a live GOTV calling campaign the night before, or even on the day of your election to a targeted list of your supporters using our state-of-the-art voter database. A live GOTV campaign could be just what your campaign needs to cross the finish line!

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