Campaign Now believes in enhancing a political brand, movement, or issue campaign with a unique grassroots approach.  It’s the reason why we exist and it’s what makes our efforts and our track record so successful for our clients, such as local elected officials, state legislators, statewide campaigns, and issue or legislative efforts across the country.

Our services and solutions for political and advocacy campaigns are centered around messaging and marketing to the right audience with the right tools, and providing a return on investment for our clients’ budgets. We have the means and the experience to help you get the job done.

  • The right data and intelligence to enhance the data through micro-targeting,  mass surveys, and mapping
  • Voter contact resources for volunteer and paid phone, web, or even door-to-door efforts
  • Direct mail for fundraising and for getting your message to your target audience
  • Digital marketing, which includes content, email marketing, social media, and targeted and optimized digital advertising

Contact us today to learn more about how Campaign Now can be a part of your effort.